This microphone with plug-in power accurately captures the voice of the speaker and is perfect for recording videos and voiceovers or delivering lectures. It is especially recommended when utilizing sound captured in a vlog or interview for content production and streaming. The windscreen stays firmly in place thanks to its unique mounting method and allows for stable recording by reducing noise from vibration and wind. In addition, the included 360-degree rotatable holder clip allows accurate sound capture, when attached to any kind of clothing or other material.

– Lavalier microphone with compact portable design and high-quality sound that’s perfect for video production and streaming

– Lavalier microphone that captures audio with ease

– Omnidirectional monaural microphone for accurate audio capture even when moving
This microphone can record the natural sound of anyone’s voice. It is recommended for accurately capturing voice, such as when recording vlogs, interviews, or lectures for content creation and streaming.

– Clothing clip with rotatable holder ensures sound is captured with the microphone facing the speaker’s mouth
The clip sits securely in place and features a delicate construction that ensures it can be attached without damaging clothing. In addition, thanks to the rotatable holder, the microphone can be set to face the speaker’s mouth no matter what kind of clothing it is attached to.

– Clothing clip for reduced cable noise
The clothing clip holds the cable firmly in place, isolating the microphone from mechanical noise that might otherwise be transferred from the cable. The clip attaches neatly to clothing with no bunching so you can look your best while recording.

– Robust, lightweight metal body helps reduce external noise

– Optimally tuned and specially designed by a microphone manufacturer with professional broadcasting expertise
Clear, high-quality sound can be captured in spite of the compact body thanks to optimal tuning and a special design that utilizes industry knowledge cultivated over many years.

– Secure windscreen that stays in place for effective reduction of noise from wind and other sources
The windscreen is physically secured with clips, the first time this mounting method has been employed in the industry.* This totally eliminates concerns about the windscreen coming off the microphone.
*As of August 2023 according to in-house figures.

– Includes a convenient carrying pouch
The carrying pouch lets you easily take the microphone with you. It also helps prevent tangling of the microphone cable and reduces impacts on the microphone.